Yesterday the first stakeholder approved Hard Fork went live on the Decred Blockchain. Community members, developers and holders voted in favour of a hard fork to replace the old stake difficulty algorithm, the mechanism that determines the PoS ticket price.

The new stake difficulty algorithm will bring more stable ticket prices. Based on simulations, it is expected that the new prices will range between 50 – 70 DCR. This makes PoS mining buying much easier. Affordable tickets will be available during any interval, which means that there will be less competition on ticket fees - and thus a higher profit margin!

What are the benefits of a Hard Fork governance system?

Improving the old, fluctuating stake difficulty algorithm is a good example of why Decred is different. The unique Hard Fork voting system allows Decred to quickly adapt to any challenges that arise. It makes Decred more innovative and resilient. It is the first on-chain community approved Hard Fork in history. A small step for Decred, but a big leap forward for the cryptocurrency space.

Picture credit to @theDecredDigest

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