How to get Decred?

There are multiple ways to get Decred coins (DCR).

  1. Buy DCR through an exchange service.
  2. Alternative ways of obtaining DCR:
    – PoW mining
     for the Decred Network.
    PoS voting for the Decred Network.
    – Becoming a contractor for Decred.
    – Trade/Sell your products or services for DCR.

1. Buy DCR

There are several options to buy DCR. Here is a list of the most widely used and trusted services.

  • The easiest way to buy DCR is with bitcoin, for example on or
  • Alternatively, you can swap Decred with any major cryptocurrency on
  • Another alternative is to use a decentralized exchange protocol such as Bisq
  • There is also an opportunity to buy DCR with EUR (euro) on

We expect exchange pairs with other national currencies soon.

Receive DCR

All you need to receive DCR is a valid address. You can easily generate an address from your wallet. Your coins will arrive within ~5 minutes after the transaction is made. To support the upkeep of the network, each transaction is charged a small fee based on the transaction size. Example of a Decred address:


2. Alternative ways

Become a contractor

At the moment it is possible to work for DCR. If you have the required skill set, read the Recruitment blog post and apply via Future contract opportunities are posted here as well.

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