Innovation is one of the most important elements of the Decred project. We have some of the best developers in the blockchain ecosystem combined with an ambitious roadmap for 2018 and beyond. Due to its hybrid consensus model, Decred is able to quickly adopt new technologies.

What’s more: Decred has its own development fund. You can monitor it on the blockchain. The development fund ensures autonomy and independence from third party investors.

If you would like to learn more about Decred’s code, take a look at our GitHub.

Measuring innovation

One big challenge is to quantify innovation. The level of innovation cannot be expressed in a number such as market capitalization or price per DCR. Instead, we suggest that the Decred’s percentage of the total market capitalization (DCR Dominance) is a better indicator.

The most famous Dominance chart is produced by CoinMarketCap. This Dominance chart does unfortunately not include Decred. That is why created our own chart using CoinMarketCap data:


By keeping an eye on the DCR Dominance chart, we have an indication of how Decred is doing compared to all the other projects in the wider blockchain ecosystem. What is immediately visible is a decreasing trend-line. This can be explained by the influx of new ICO projects. However, with all the things to come in 2018, we are confident that Decred will pick up its pace.