This is the full functional Decred wallet that uses code rather than clicks. This wallet is meant for users who are comfortable with using the command line interface.

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Downloading the files

It is important that you have the latest release of the Decred software. Check this Github page if you have an updated version:

Furthermore, it is also important to begin with a ‘clean’ and fully synced blockchain. New users already have a fresh start. Experienced users who have had troubles in the past are advised to start with a fresh AppData folder.

Extract the downloaded files into a convenient folder. Inside the folder there will be a few files. The most important ones are dcrd, dcrwallet, and dcrctl. When you are inside the folder where the files are present, open a command prompt window or terminal in this location.

Setting up dcrd

In the command line window (#1) that just opened, enter the following code and replace […] with your preferred dcrd username and password.

dcrd -u [...] -P [...] ​

If you are connected to the internet, your deamon should now start downloading the Decred blockchain. This may take a while. IMPORTANT! Let the blockchain download completely before running your wallet. For the most recent block height you can check (once it is nearly the same height you may run your wallet)

Setting up your wallet

Open a new command window (#2) in the same folder and enter the following code to create the wallet.

dcrwallet --create

The wallet will ask you to input a private passphrase for your wallet. While typing your passphrase the input line may look blank, but you are actually typing. When finished, hit Enter and confirm by typing it again.

Now, your wallet will ask you if you want to add an additional encryption layer for public data. Hit ‘yes’ to type your public passphrase (the input line will look blank again). When finished, hit Enter and confirm by typing it again.

If you have an existing wallet seed, hit ‘yes’ and type the 33-word phrase carefully. If you do not have an existing wallet you will be presented with a new seed and its hex. Make sure to write down your seed and save it carefully!

Your wallet should now say: The wallet is successfully created.

Running your wallet

In the same command window (#2) enter the following code where you replace […] with your new Wallet username and password (you may use the same credentials). Replace [duser] and [dpass] with your dcrd credentials and replace [publicpassphrase] with the publickey you entered in the previous step.

dcrwallet -u [...] -P [...] --walletpass [publicpassphrase] --dcrdusername=[duser] --dcrdpassword=[dpass]

Your wallet should now start syncing the Decred blockchain. If the blockchain is already downloaded completely this should go rather smoothly. Hold on, you are almost there!

Running a wallet client

Once your wallet is up-to-date with the latest block height, open a new command window (#3) in the same folder.

To check your balance, enter the following code where you replace [wuser] and [wpass] with your Wallet credentials.

dcrctl -u [wuser] -P [wpass] --wallet getbalance

Check out the Decred Discovery blog for several useful commands:

For a full list of commands, check out:

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