Join the Decred community!

Investing in Decred is more than ‘buy low and sell high’.

Decred is a project with focus on community driven decision making. It’s your chance to be part of a technological innovation. We, the community of Decred, vote on the future of the project.

How to participate

Each community member can play an active role in the governance of Decred. How exactly? By participating in PoS process. Together we vote on proposals that shape the future of Decred. This is what we call community driven decision making.

> Read more about the PoS process.

Social media presence

Join us on social media via the links below or use the icons in the footer.

Discord/Rocketchat/Slack/Matrix: (this is where the Decred team does most of its work)

Unofficial Community Subreddit (NEW!) and Official Sub 

Twitter: (this is where the project posts its major updates)

Medium: (this is the place where important blog posts are shared)

YouTube: (this is the channel with official Decred videos)

Facebook: (this page is officially maintained by the team)

Bitcointalk: (for all the OG crypto users)