Pick your wallet!

For most people who are new to digital currencies, the first step is to create a wallet. Your wallet functions like any internet banking system: you can receive funds, store them, or send credits to friends. The currency tag for Decred is DCR.

> Already settled? Find out how to get your first DCR!

Wallet address

A Decred address is the only thing you need to send and receive DCR. It can be easily generated from any wallet. Decred addresses begin with two letters to identify the network (Ds = Mainnet) and contain 26-36 characters. For example:


Recovery of your wallet

The most important aspect of your wallet is your seed (also called recovery phrase). The seed allows you to recover your wallet when it is lost, or recreate it on a different device. Every wallet allows you to view your seed. Write it down and store it somewhere save.

Your choice

There are several different wallets available. All wallets have the same basic functionalities. If you want more complex features, the steps to create your wallet become more complex as well.

For beginning users, the best wallet is a Mobile Wallet.

For advanced users, the best wallet is Decrediton.

For expert users, the best wallet is the Command-Line Wallet.

Go ahead and pick a wallet that suits your needs.