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Privacy and Smart Contract developers WANTED

Development work to complete the 2017 Decred Roadmap is happening right now. Two essential new features are privacy and smart contracts.

We invite you all to join the development work. There are funds secured to contract developers with the right skills and experience.

Decred is calling for collaboration so that the community will have the ability to vote on multiple implementations.

Check out the #privacy and #smart_contracts channels on the Decred Slack.

Anyone interested can contact @raedah on Slack.

100000+ Downloads of the Decred software

Since the start of Decred many new users have joined the project. Recently we have witnessed the 1.0 launch, which has introduced many innovative features to the network. One famous example is Hard Fork Voting.

On the official Decred website you can see that the Decred software has now been downloaded over 100K times. This is another milestone for the project!

The latest release can always be found on github:

All the software is open source. Feel free to join the development team or suggest improvements. Together we create the future of Decred!

How to buy DCR with dollars

Exciting development around the Decred project: you can now buy DCR using dollars. Moreover, you can exchange Decred to any major cryptocurrency available! This is an important step in the history of the project.

The website has recently started to support Decred. Check out their quote about Decred on the list of supported currencies:

Decred is a Bitcoin based cryptocurrency. Using a combined PoW/PoS consensus system, Decred represents a more stable and robust cryptocurrency that doesn’t require expensive mining hardware. Decred coins (DCR) are stored in special lite wallets that could serve as a mining tool as well

Head over to Changelly and buy Decred with your favourite (crypto)currency!


Boxmining created a video trying to explain the Decred unique take on Proof of Stake in simple terms. Decred uses a highly advanced Proof of Stake system to solve issues with protocol upgrades and community voting. On top of this, it rewards voters DECRED as a reward for voting, effectively giving interest to DECRED holders:

Useful links to get started

These are essential sources of information around Decred. Make sure to check them out.

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