If you decide to invest your money, it is logical that you want to make a profit. However, investing in Decred is more than just ‘buying low and selling high’.

Decred is a project with focus on community-based decision making. It’s your chance to be part of a technological innovation. We, the community of Decred, vote on the future of the project. Are you ready for this responsibility?

Cryptocurrencies are a high risk investment. Although it can offer a high return, you can also lose money. Inform yourself and be careful.

Something to keep in mind: cryptocurrencies are scarce resources. Bitcoin and Decred both have a maximum of ~21 million coins. As the project matures there will be more use cases. This will attract new users. If mainstream users will start to adopt newer cryptocurrencies, the price per DCR is likely to skyrocket.

Participate: join the Decred community

Each community member can play an active role in the development of Decred. We call it community-based governance. How exactly? By participating in the PoS voting process. Together we take decisions that shape the future of Decred.

Currently we are voting for:

In the voting process you invest in voting tickets. Each time one of your tickets is called to vote, you will obtain a DCR reward after the vote is confirmed.

How profitable is PoS mining?

Let’s take a high ticket price: 70 DCR. The reward for each successful vote is currently 1,5 DCR. On average you will get a reward within 28 days.  In some of the cases you may get a reward in 5 months. This means that you will earn ~2% interest per month on average. Not bad at all.

> Read more about the PoS voting process.

We strongly recommend new users to vote in a pool. Stake pools are designed in a way that you will hardly ever miss a chance to vote. Stake pools cannot steal your funds, the locked ticket price will remain safely in your wallet.

Important factors to consider when picking your pool: security of the pool, support channels, proportion of the network, current fee.

Recommended stake pools are:

1 https://ultrapool.eu
3 Any other pool: docs.decred.org/mining/stake-pools

Why ultrapool? We have talked to the pool operator directly. They are dedicated to keeping their pool online. The servers are rented from different providers and located on different continents. Furthermore, the fee of ultrapool is low compared to most other pools. Most importantly, for the decentralisation of the network it is recommended to pick stake pools that have <5% of network votes.

By clicking on the link and creating an active account at ultrapool you will enjoy a very good return, and also support the upkeep of Decredible. We have a deal that ultrapool donates a small portion of the profit.