Decred is going to DEFCON! There will be a special event.

  • When? Saturday night, July 29th.  Doors open at 9:30pm
  • Where? The location is a secret… You’ll find out where the party is when you’re given your entry badge. A badge will be required to attend, so don’t show up if you don’t have a badge.
  • Badge? Complete the Access Challenge. Earn a badge by being one of the first 250 people to complete a series of hacker puzzles and challenges themed around the party.
  • Theme? The theme for this party is BATTLE ROYALE. Costumes and cosplay for the party are not required but are encouraged.
  • Why? Fun! Comradery! Entertainment! Free drinks!* And last but not least: Hacker vs. Hacker Battles!

Check out the special event page at

The announcement was made today on Twitter, with an awesome video:




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