Paymetheus is a simple to use GUI (graphical user interface) wallet for Decred. Just as with the Web Wallet you can send and receive coins, or keep them safely stored for speculation. With Paymetheus you can also purchase tickets for PoS voting, although it does not vote for you directly (you need to be connected to a stake pool).

NOTE: This wallet is specifically designed for Windows only. It’s a Decred Windows wallet. If you are using Linux/macOS, you can check Decrediton which is currently in Alpha release.

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Wallet recovery

The most important aspect of your wallet is your seed (also called recovery phrase). The seed allows you to recover your wallet when it is lost, or recreate it on a different device. Every wallet allows you to view your seed. Write it down and store it somewhere save. Your balance and transactions are stored into the blockchain: an online, decentralised ledger which is maintained by all Decred participants. Your coins are safe and accessible, as long as you protect your seed.

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